Repair of deformation of automobile steel ring

Release time:

Oct 23,2023

The repair of the steel ring mainly lies in solving two problems, which are indispensable and complement each other:
First, automobile steel ring shape repair. Usually, the damage of the automobile steel ring is caused by the action of external forces, such as: wear, fracture, notch, sag, distortion, deformation, etc. In the repair of automobile steel ring, without destroying the molecular structure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy, the use of aluminum alloy professional technology and tools to correct and repair various types of automobile steel ring damage and other problems; The current situation of deformation, distortion and fracture of automobile steel ring can not be repaired.
Second, automotive steel rim surface renovation. If you can only repair the shape of the automobile steel rim, but can not refurbish the surface of the automobile steel rim, the automobile steel rim repair will also lose the significance of repair.
Automotive rim surface can be divided into four categories, namely: paint surface, polishing surface, numerical control (CNC) surface and electroplating surface. After the renovation of the automobile steel rim surface, both in appearance and hardness can meet the OEM quality requirements. In the past, due to the special treatment process of the surface of the automobile steel ring, such as :CNC treatment, electroplating surface and other scratches, scratches, etc., can not be repaired has become a history.